Photo Retouching

Photoshop is a great tool when working on pictures that need a little bit (or a lot) of retouching.

This first image is of the Stillwater Spartans Basketball team. It’s a good picture but there were a few things I found distracting (such as the dust speck from the lens in the middle of the frame, the red socks worn by a player on the front row, the discarded T-shirt behind the coach on the right, and the lighter blue color of the coach’s shirt on the left). I also really wanted to really focus the viewers attention in on the team. I chose to do that by bringing down the saturation of the grass and wall while increasing the blue saturation of the team’s jerseys. After I’d made all the adjustments I felt were necessary, I overlaid the team’s logo on the gym wall and used a gradient to add some additional interest.

dso 20170227-134.jpg

dso 20170227-134-Edit-a

This is the same image in black and white

dso 20170227-134-Edit-2

This picture of the 9th grade team required an extension of the wall behind the players as well as many of the same color corrections applied to the first picture.

dso 20170227-145

dso 20170227-145-Edit-2



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