graphical-house-logoGraphical House is the name for a made up graphic design firm created by my teacher to give us experience in logo design and marketing. The motto for this business was, “Details Matter.” I went with the card house idea because I wanted my design to be a little different from the 20 other students in my class. Not only that, but as I was considering this idea, it occurred to me that when building a card house, one must pay very close attention to the details or else the house will come tumbling down.

rainbow-moose-graphics-logoThis logo was a blast to create. There was so much potential for a fun logo in the name Rainbow Moose Graphics. Drawing the moose silhouette was a challenge in that I wanted to keep the outline as simple as possible while still being recognizable. I love the contrast that the proper font and the quirky icon provide.

smac-logoSMAC stands for Stillwater Makes A Change and is an annual philanthropic campaign initiated and led by Stillwater High School students to raise money for a different local charity each year. The students in my digital media class at Meridian Technology Center were each asked to create a logo to match the superhero theme for that year and my design was picked as the winner. This logo went on all their promotional materials including t-shirts, posters, flyers and their website. Blue and yellow are the school colors for Stillwater High and the house with the hand and heart inside is the logo for the Saville Center (the charity they were donating to that year). The blue and yellow were eventually changed to red and white to better match their theme.

strecker-images-logoStrecker Images is my mother’s photography business. I knew when I began the design process that I wanted a very simple outline of a camera with the letters S and I pictured in the lens. I spent quite a bit of time hand drawing the font in Illustrator. I quickly found out that getting all your letters the same size and of the proper weight is very tricky.

tennis-logoThe man in charge of the operations for the Stillwater Pro Tennis Classic at Oklahoma State University approached my teacher to see if she, or any of her students, would be willing to design a logo for him. My teacher brought us the request to see what we could come up with. My rough draft was chosen along with another student’s to be taken through to completion with mine eventually being the one that was used. I went through several revisions before reaching the final product. I drew the tennis player silhouette in Photoshop using the Pen tool.



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