Church Graphics


Our church hosts a large men’s meeting every year (the Men’s Advance) and this was a poster that was hung up in an area with a lot of decor depicting a runner preparing for a race (there were 3 other sections with posters that said Goals, Others and Weights as well). The thought behind this section was that as Christians, we ought to know what race we’re running in life and we ought to be in it to win it. The medal was used throughout the decor to reinforce the idea of completing your race.

Faithful Witness

This graphic was used in the 2017 Men’s Advance decor. This medal, along with 22 others like it (each with a different title on it), were hung over a casket with the words “what do you want people to say?” posted on the wall. The goal of this graphic was to prompt the men to consider what it is they want loved ones to be able to say about them when they die.

What Faith Does

I designed this graphic for a sermon series on Faith. The idea behind the artwork is that a tree – like faith – has parts that are both seen and unseen. The roots signify the belief. Without belief, you can have no actions or works because there is nothing to support them. The trunk and leaves signify the acts of faith. These acts are brought about by the belief. You cannot have faith without acts, just as you cannot have a tree without roots.

Red vs Blue Front.jpgRed VS Blue Back.jpg

During Vacation Bible School, our church hosts a separate teen program called the Summer Blast. I was asked to create a tract for this event that the teenagers in our youth group could hand out to friends and other teens.


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